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Driven by the power of innovation and by the ever-changing cyberthreats landscape, we built CyberEDU as a special environment that leverages cyber-range-as-a-service technology. We provide effective and success-driven training journeys to individuals and teams throughout the cybersecurity industry.

With hundreds of hands-on exercises mapped against industry standards, CyberEDU offers a powerful learning tool for individuals or teams that want to reach the next level of mastery in offensive or defensive cybersecurity.

Advance your cybersecurity career

Choose any challenge you want, anytime with no hidden fees or limitations.

Get competitive in cyber ranges and CTFs

Test your skills in real competitive environments with other peers to see where you stand.

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Discover the CyberEDU framework


Hands-on exercises

An educational archive of hundreds of challenges ready to be discovered


Immersive learning journey

Be flexible while constantly building your cybersecurity expertise


Boost your knowledge

And leave an impact by constantly learning and practicing your skills


Rewards and rankings

Challenge yourself to reach the next level in your cybersecurity education


Labs accessible directly from the browser

No installation or other special setup required


Challenges mapped on industry standards

Hands-on training that brings individuals and teams up to speed with the latest threats


Different skill levels coverage

Users can start with basic exercises and upskill at the click of a button.


Enroll in competitions

Choose your environment you want to compete in


Stay active in the educational archive

Train at your own pace and add your name on the leaderboard


Continuous improvement

Challenges are designed to be hands-on and solution oriented. Quantitatively measure your team's ability to respond to the latest cyber threats by tracking their skills resume.


Embrace your career path

Choose to train in your favorite cybersecurity area


Exchange knowledge and learn from peers

Community is a key driver for infosec excellence.


Unleash your potential

Improve your critical thinking and expand your understanding of how technologies and components work together.


Understand the skills needed

in a cybersecurity job


Experiment using real-life scenarios

and acquire offensive and defensive skills


Measure your performance

based on your hands on training while interacting with real systems and the latest known threats and vulnerabilities

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Build or personalize a constant training program for any level of experience. Solve existing or new challenges on a regular basis to ensure your understanding of the latest threats and benchmark your skills against key industry standards such as MITRE ATT&CK, OWASP, CWE.

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